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Darwish Cotton products are made of 100% pure high quality Fine Egyptian Cotton. Egyptian Cotton is widely known for being the "best" cotton in the world, its softness, strength and superior characteristics, have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as the world's finest. The length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn. The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress. Its ability to absorb liquids gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more vivid colors. Its softness feels like nothing else in the world.

Darwish Cotton products follow the international standards for fabrics quality, coloring, sizes, thread count...etc. The products quality have already gained the acceptance and pleasure of our customers in U.S.A,France, Geramany, Belgium, Italy, England, Arabian Gulf...etc. We not only export our products to end customers, but to fasion houses as well, customized according to their designs and needs.

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